1. Ideal Timing: We are about to approach the busiest time of the year for buyers AND sellers. For buyers, this offers the most inventory to choose from, and for sellers you will never have as many buyers on the market at one time as you do right now!

2. Interest Rates: With Interest Rates still low, it fuels the market for both buyers and sellers.

3. Ideal Weather Conditions: Mother Nature is her most cooperative this time of year! The pleasant temperatures, while touring homes, make it a joyful experience. In addition, for Sellers, their home's lush and blooming landscape adds to the warmth and value of their property. For most, this is the most attractive time of year for a home.

4. Lower Stress: Buyers like to purchase in the Spring, which reduces their risk of not finding the right home before the start of the next school year. Seller's also have profited from guaranteed Spring sale, with a potential to lease back until they find their next ideal home. This makes both loan qualification and the timing of an actual move a much smoother process.